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by Admin User - Thursday, 29 September 2016, 1:18 PM

Dear Participants,

The DIVERTIMENTO Project Team welcomes you on the board of the e-Course.

Our mission is to work together and built the best possible experience at heritage places in the framework of EUROTHENTICA, the DIVERTIMENTO Heritage Trail. Each national team may wish to focus on the national project in Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria and Tukey, however we can learn all together from the experience of others and improve the authenticity of the visitor experience. Therefore you are cordially invited to initiate discussions among the professional learning community of the COSME Project DIVERTIMENTO and gain the benefits for your professional careers. The DIVERTIMENTO Project Team is open to suggestions for improvements, after all Τhe European Commission is awarding €32 million to bring innovative ideas to market quicker!


The e-Couse may be accessed via the Project Website (please scroll down and click on the e-Learning Platform)


or directly at


Best wishes for a fruitful cooperation,

The DIVERTIMENTO Project and Tutor Team